About Us

the services we offer include:

• Providing optimal solutions to industry ensuring compliance with legislation.

• Prepare and submit mining authorization applications to the Department of Mineral Resources, including prospecting rights,
   mining rights, mining permits, Section 102 Applications, and Section 11 applications, in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum
   Resource Development Act (28 of 2002).

• Prepare and submit environmental authorization applications to either the Department of Environmental Affairs,
   or the Department of Mineral Resources.

• Prepare and submit Mining Work Programmes and CPR’s in accordance with the SAMREC - and SAMVAL codes of 2016.

• Prepare detailed mine planning layouts and scheduling.

• Assistance is provided to all clients with the preparation of Social and Labour Plans.

• Facilitation and compilation of Mandatory Codes of Practice in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act (29 of 1996).

• Environmental Impact Assessments, including both Basic Assessment Reports and Scoping & Environmental Impact Reports,
   as well as Environmental Management Plans/Programmes, in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations of
   2014, of the National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998).

• Biodiversity Impact Assessments.

• Environmental Auditing service and an Environmental Control Officer during the operational phase of the mines; and

• Prepare and submit water use licence applications to the Department of Water and Sanitation